Hair Extensions – How to Care For Your Hair Extensions

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How do I Care for my extensions?


It is very important that you treat your hair as an investment. This means that if you want the "life" out of your hair you need to take care of it. Hair is dead … so unless you treat it right you will not get the bang for your buck! Simply put, I know who takes care of them and who does not. The choice is up to you. I've seen both sides of the spectrum and when a guest has issues with her extensions it typically is because he / she did not follow this outline.

It is completely possible to have undetectable free flowing hair. Maintenance is required to keep the extensions looking their best. We have to feed and care for the hair to maintain luster and shine. It is possible to have healthy hair with extensions. Just as it is possible to have healthy looking extensions. It is a give and take relationship.

From the beginning …

Before washing your hair it is most important that you brush your hair first. This also includes swimming or anything to do with water and your hair extensions. With a Professional Extension brush not a comb. A comb should never be used on dry hair nor should a brush be used on wet.
If you forget to brush your hair before washing … you are potentially putting water into a knot. By the time you get to comb your wet hair you will notice it can be impossible to get the knots out. This is because you missed this one step.

As always, brushing starts from the bottom up. If you start any higher in your head you will just be brushing more hair into a previously started knot. As your hair grows brushing will be an important part of your maintenance. If you do not brush at least 2ce per day you will notice matting etc. If you do not want dreads to start or if you want to minimize breakage this step is imperative.

Washing: All products used on extensions must be oil free. Oil is the enemy with extensions and will cause the bond to slip. I do understand that some clients want to deep condition their hair while they are wearing hair extensions. The choice is up to you, but just know that you will have to visit the salon more often if you choose to do your own thing. Products are a very important part of your investment. The wrong products can dry out and create loss of extensions. I suggest MLT or So.Cap 4 U products. Both are created solely for extensions.

Your hair is only to be cleansed on the roots. Conditioner is for the ends. You do not need to waste product by using both products on the wrong area. Not to mention that conditioner will weigh down fine hair. Do not wash your hair upside down or try to create any type of flood water. This can cause the hair to tangle.

After washing, gently rub off excess water and let hair air dry for 10+ mins. By doing this you are letting the water evaporate a bit so that if any tangles were created while washing, you will not be brushing more hair and water into the knot. This also helps prevent damage because your hair can stretch when wet and for some females that means your hair will break off. You will also want to use a reg. or diluted condition spray by Long Tresses or So.Cap. You can not use any aftercare products that have oil. There is not any way around this. Only use professional after care created for extensions.
Gently comb wet hair with a wide tooth comb.

Styling: I suggest using a heat protectant spray. When it comes to using heat you have only one option when it comes to styling tools. If you must blow dry then you should stay away from using a flat iron / curling iron etc. If you plan on using heat, let your hair air dry first and then finish it off with the use of a tool. This will keep the extensions in great shape and increase the longevity of your investment.

Never go to bed with wet hair. This is a big NO and will totally cause your hair to matt. It is the best thing for your hair (and face) to invest in a silk pillowcase. Trust me, if I learned this trick years ago … it is also suggested that you wear a low braid so that your hair does not get tangled. And do not forget to brush hair before bed.

Activities such as the gym, swimming etc. It is personal preference if you decide to wash your hair every day. It can dry out your hair extensions. It is important though to rinse your hair after each time you go swimming / hot tub / ocean. I also suggest using a spray in conditioner by Long Tresses or So.Cap.

If you require color you can only use semi-permanent color. Even using a semi can harm some types of extensions. A strand test is always best. I have seen good and bad things happen it just depends on what was done to the hair prior to it being shipped to the salon.

I have great things to say about Paul Mitchell Shines or any type of cylophane shine that you can create and custom color for your clients. It is enough to feed the cuticle and give the hair back what it lost.
Highlights can be done to but only to the clients own hair. Typically the Mohawk area / upper parietal ridge area.

It is NOT recommended that you color your hair yourself. Box color acts as a glue / type layer and will coat the hair rather than penetrate. This also makes it harder to correct.
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Hair Extensions – How to care for my Hair Extensions
June 23, 2006
This article was written by Christina Jones of Studio She
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